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Zayed International Airport is the primary international airport serving Abu Dhabi. Holding rank as the second largest airport in the UAE, it boasts connectivity to over 120 destinations and is served by 30 airlines. Recently, it unveiled a new cutting-edge terminal, designed to accommodate up to 45 million passengers annually.


The Plaza Premium Group approached us to craft a fresh visual identity for Abu Dhabi Hotel Airport; a new hotel attached to Zayed International Airport. With its opening scheduled to coincide with the new terminal's launch date, grand plans were expected. Our brief was to redefine the perception of airport hotels and transform them from stopover commodities to destinations in their own right.


With technological advancements and shifting consumer preferences constantly redefining the travel landscape, futureproofing the hotel's ongoing relevance was paramount. Overcoming numerous challenges, we successfully positioned Abu Dhabi Airport Hotel as a distinguished destination for discerning travellers.


With the interior design not yet initiated, we relied solely on client renders. Drawing inspiration from their balanced blend of urban chic and cultural allure, we conceptualised an identity that would not only complement the hotel's aesthetic but elevate the space. Based on the concept of a viewfinder, we created a portal into an immersive, curated world of art and design. Like wandering through a museum, each glance through the viewfinder would unveil a new masterpiece, inviting guests to pause, reflect, and savour the beauty around them.


From the logo design and colour palette to the typography and brand collateral, each component of the brand's identity was meticulously crafted to evoke a sense of elegance, sophistication, and artistic intrigue.

Brave Moment

The terminal launch date was brought forward, necessitating swift action to ensure timely delivery of all assets prior to the hotel's opening. This involved collaborating closely with the signage company to facilitate the prompt installation of hotel signage.

“Despite the tight deadline and sudden change in the hotel opening date, JansenHarris’ creative team was able to turn the work around quickly without compromising on quality which is truly commendable”.
Nasra Al Khazraji

Marketing Manager, Abu Dhabi Airports


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