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To win over consumers with an innovative new brand experience. Research indicates that brand loyalty is fickle in a dark market, with consumers actively seeking out incentives such as added value and gifts with purchase, to enhance their buying experience.


These challenges led us to identify new opportunities to showcase the Jack Daniel’s brand family in a way never seen before in the UAE’s largest drinks retailer. Working within the stipulated global brand guidelines, the aim of this activation was to avoid creating a space unrecognisable to loyal Jack fans. Instead, we introduced technology and animation techniques not traditionally associated with the brand - but very much in keeping with customer expectations - to elevate the brand experience.


The core of our creative concept was to model our stand on New York's Times Square. A brand as all-American as Jack needed to express itself boldly and with confidence. We wanted digital to literally sit at the centre of the activation and serve as a vehicle to captivate and convert future consumers of Jack.


Our vision was achieved by creating a hypnotic sequence of LED lighting in the iconic square shape of the Jack Daniel's bottle. At the center stood Jack Daniel’s Old No.7 Tennessee Whiskey, the beating heart of the Jack Daniel’s family of brands. Bottle glorifiers housing each product - again, modeled on the unique shape of the 165+ year old bottle and serving as a quick overview of the entire product offering - straddled all sides of the stand.


The cherry on the top - and bottom - was the use of giant, digital, curved screens. We populated these with looping content telling the story of Jack Daniel's running between the two screens.

Brave Moment

Hearing that this design was unanimously received as the best installation the retail space had ever seen.

The Jack Daniel's pillar was an instant hit within the sector, with Brown-Forman being told that it was the most visible and attractive brand display at the Barracuda retail store since its opening. As a result of the new call out pillar and concurrent in-store promotions, consumer interaction with the brand has increased by 20% with an in-store store sales uplift of 28%.


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See Other Work

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