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JansenHarris was briefed to help launch a new concept in KSA, with a brand purpose to empower female entrepreneurship by lowering the barrier for women entering business.


Nakhati, meaning “My Flavour” in Arabic, is not only a delicious, high-quality gelato experience, but a brand founded and managed solely by women in the Middle East. Nakhati is the first franchise concept with the purpose of bringing together and supporting a community of entrepreneurial women. And all through delightfully delicious gelato. Developed to be a healthier alternative to ice cream, flavour profiles have a local flair including date and rosewater alongside the classic favourites, vanilla and chocolate.


Nakhati came to us with existing branding that was outdated and conservative. Our intention was to overlay a softer, more whimsical, feminine aspect to the brand identity through the introduction of a pastel colour palette and organic-styled typography.


The refreshed brandmark reflects its Arabic roots, employing a script-styled typeface to incorporate the brand's heritage and playfulness. The colour palette and visual language has been softened with elegant hues of pistachio greens and peachy-toned pinks, highlighting the imaginative nature of gelato. A layered style for graphics and social media posts was introduced to complement the new aesthetic, and when viewing all the elements combined, the final branding brings the packaging, signage, store kiosks and wall graphics, elegantly to life.

Brave Moment

Entering the market with a mall kiosk when most competitors were setting up permanent stores.

“Great job team. Bold designs will ensure we are the brand to be reckoned with”.
Charles Clements

Corporate Director of Food and Beverage, Kerten Hospitality


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