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In the dynamic food industry, staying relevant means adapting to consumer tastes and implementing innovation to outpace competitors. With the popularity of Korean cuisine on the rise - especially in Dubai - Smoki Moto needed to carve its own niche in an already crowded market. The first step in defining a bold yet approachable brand presence, is to understand the competition.


Smoki Moto's challenges were numerous: to establish a standout identity amidst fierce competition, and to provide an authentic Korean dining experience. Situated within a hotel that already housed another Korean restaurant, Smoki Moto's need to stand out from the crowd was paramount. Customer hesitation toward unfamiliar cuisines posed another potential hurdle, and the solution wasn't as simple as creating a user-friendly menu. And last - but not least - somehow, we had to encourage patrons to participate in live grilling at their tables.


During the brand refresh, we chose to deviate from conventional hotel norms opting instead for a distinctive, edgy essence. We deliberately avoided polished ambiance, typical of hotel restaurants in this region, and went with an authentic, unfiltered vibe, reminiscent of the bustling streets of South Korea. To get diners to actively engage in the cooking process, we had to take them on an immersive experience from Dubai and into the heart of South Korea.


Working with finalised interiors, we strategically incorporated graffiti and vibrant colours to harness the raw energy of Korean streets. Our menu design was meticulously crafted to be informative and engaging, providing guests with insights into meat marbling scores and the origins of specially sourced ingredients.

Brave Moment

The JansenHarris team's invitation to the venue pre-opening, marked a significant bonding moment. As we sampled the food and shared our honest feedback, a sense of collaboration and mutual respect was cemented. Our comments were not only heard but actively embraced, leading to tangible changes being implemented before the official opening.


“From the very beginning, JansenHarris understood our vision for the brand and translated it into an authentic Korean experience that has resonated with our customers. The menu design has been a standout feature. Not only is it visually stunning, but it also serves a practical purpose by helping our customers understand the meat marbling score—a detail that truly sets us apart”.
Stacey McMurtrie

Director of Marketing and Communications, Marriott Resort The Palm


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