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Experts estimate that for the next 50 years, the fuel with the lowest carbon footprint - even lower than renewables - will be natural gas.


Darshan Hiranandani, CEO of Hiranandani Group, understands that having access to affordable energy unquestionably improves lives. With the demand for more power in India growing, his solution was to build his own terminals and gas filling stations, creating a new market competitor in an otherwise shallow pool. Until now, natural gas had not been progressively utilised due to the relatively high liquefied natural gas (LNG) prices, but Darshan set the wheels of change in motion.


Building on the equity of H-Energy, the existing parent energy brand, we created indi: a fresh and modern identity that encompassed the brand essence, "Powering the Community". The strongest USP that indi brings to the market is a "100% commitment to a ‘nil’ methane leak" assurance which is delivered and achieved via their own LNG terminals and natural gas pipelines.


indi is positioned as being at the forefront of fuel retailing; a "rest and refuel" space that combines comfort and efficiency with modern technology. The brand identity has been built around a simple droplet icon - a shape inspired by nature and synonymous with green power - and is paired with a lowercase, custom typeface that is both innovative and approachable. Representing 'energy' is the base colour of blue which is accented with a 'clean' green - both strategically chosen to cut through the crowded Indian market.

Brave Moment

A long-standing client relationship has provided a foundation of trust from which we've been able to really build on a mutual understanding of the intricacies of both the parent brand and our client's clarity of vision for this project. A simple client brief with just two caveats - that the design was to have no hard edges and should stand out from the competition - meant our creativity process wasn't limited.

A distinctive identity was needed to stand out in the competitive energy market and the JansenHarris team's strategic approach and creative determination delivered”.
Darshan Hiranandani

CEO, Hiranandai Group


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See Other Work

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