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Valued at USD $43.77 Billion in 2023, the global plant-based food market is expected to reach USD $85 Billion by 2030, achieving a predicted growth rate of 9.95% during 2023-2030. Dominated by brands like Beyond and Impossible, Nestlé and Unilever have entered the market with Garden Gourmet, Sweet Earth, and vegan versions of popular products. Challenges persist, including replicating meat and dairy textures, high ingredient costs, and dependency on specific crops like soy and pea protein, which strain the agricultural supply chain. Regulatory complexities and consumer misconceptions pose further complications, making transparency around plant-based alternatives, paramount.


Competition in the plant-based food sector drives the need for product differentiation. Sustainability concerns, particularly regarding land use and water consumption, require immediate attention. However, sustained by innovation, investment, and growing consumer demand, the sector maintains an upward growth.


Food Specialities Limited is an award-winning company in the Middle East and Africa, focused on innovative food and beverage ingredients. Their latest venture, Nadura, provides a plant-based, meat-free alternative to rival established market competitors, with a lower salt and sugar content being their USP. Collaborating with seven European companies over three years of R&D, the result is GMO-free, plant-based meat that closely mimics the taste and texture of real meat.


JansenHarris was approached to design a visual identity for Nadura with the objective to craft a standout, attention-grabbing brand. Drawing inspiration from the convention of using asterisks for supplementary information, we introduced Nino; a character integrated across the branding. Nino symbolises the brand's dedication to transparency and innovation, and encapsulates Nadura's mission of providing tasty, healthier alternatives to conventional meat products.

Brave Moment

As we prepared to launch the product, navigating the stringent product labelling regulations, we collaborated closely with the client to ensure compliance with local laws in the target countries. Given that this was our client's inaugural product launch, it was a valuable learning experience for both parties, fostering a strong sense of teamwork and growth.

“Throughout this journey, we've encountered numerous obstacles and learned invaluable lessons along the way. JansenHarris’ guidance and expertise have been instrumental in navigating these challenges and ensuring that our product reaches its full potential”.
Dhruv Dharwan

General Manager, Nadura


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