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In the pursuit of dominating the burgeoning luxury whisky market in India, The Macallan Scotch Whisky strategically collaborated with the iconic St. Regis Hotel in Mumbai, India to bring to life its very own bespoke lounge bar. Branded ‘The M Bar,’ the up-market venue targeted the discerning Indian luxury consumer and was situated adjacent to the award-winning Indian restaurant, ‘The Sahib Room’ within the St. Regis.


Undertaking the design of The M Bar, intricately linked to The Sahib Room, presented a multifaceted challenge. The spatial connection between the two, allowing patrons to effortlessly traverse between spaces, posed a unique set of considerations. With both the restaurant and the bar undergoing complete makeovers, our primary challenge was to craft the interior design for The M Bar in a way that not only maintained a visual harmony with the new aesthetics of The Sahib Room but also remained aligned with the ethos and brand values of The Macallan.


By aligning the M Bar with The Macallan’s foundational values, we created a cohesive narrative that bridged the visual gap seamlessly between the two.


The entrance is characterised by a live-edge, white stone feature and a partially concealed wall that piques the interest of patrons. Greenery abounds on the way in the form of empanelled foliage walls. At the heart of the space stands the signature feature, a weird and wonderful copper tree. Radiating from this centerpiece, the bar’s seating embraces a palette of pastels, sage greens, and brushed gold accents.


The far end features a display wall adorned with The Macallan casks and glorifiers, nod to the Estate’s heritage. The M Bar is separated from the Sahib Room by a wire mesh curtain mirroring the undulating wave pattern of the distillery’s roof. This considered approach subtly complements the Sahib Room, weaving a cohesive narrative that brings a slice of The Macallan Estate to Mumbai.

Brave Moment

Recommending a concept direction that was vastly different to how The Macallan usually approach these types of projects.

“The concept of ‘The Great Book of Nature’ aligned perfectly with The Macallan Estate. Positive feedback was garnered from all stakeholders in delivering a distinctive brand experience for The Macallan”.
Elise Greene

Regional Senior Brand Manager, Edrington Middle East, India & Africa


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