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To celebrate six decades of iconic 007 films, alcoholic beverage brand The Macallan Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky, created a James Bond 60th Anniversary Collection. Comprising six limited edition bottles encasing a single malt whisky, each of the six Individual packaging designs featured an original illustration and designated colour to denote its corresponding decade. The design concept took the infamous creative development process of the Bond films and brought it to life in a behind-the-scenes exploration of the cult movie's archives.


Sold exclusively at Al Hamra Cellar in Ras Al-Khaimah, our task was to design an in-store display and launch campaign to showcase the coveted collection. Our key challenge was to highlight the premium, limited edition collection within an immersive, engaging, and eye-catching installation.


Drawing on the rich heritage of the 007 franchise, we created a retail display that utilised the central space within the Macallan floor allocation at Al Hamra Cellar. Inspired by the ‘barrel of a gun’ sequence - the instantly recognisable signature device featured in nearly every James Bond film - shot from the POV of a presumed assassin, it featured James Bond walking, turning, and then firing his gun directly down the camera.


To house the six unique packaging designs, we displayed them in glorifiers resembling bullet cartridges. To complete the scene, action sequences from the earlier films were animated and projected onto various screens. A key consideration for the display was a storage component as the mandate to house over 100 bottles of stock was included in our brief.

Brave Moment

Taking an iconic brand like 007 and bringing it to life alongside The Macallan brand took a lot of restraint.

We needed to dig deep into the history of the brand to extrapolate the essence of Bond and marry it with that of The Macallan.

“The 007 James Bond stand has been well received by consumers. All the 6 decades have been sold out. Thank you for all your hard work on the design and creation”.
Glen Wilson

Brand Manager, Edrington at MMI


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